the movement

Less Than Two Breasts is an advocacy campaign to normalize bodies after breast cancer and to rethink cultural concepts of femininity. 

Flatties and Unis  - that's what we affectionately call ourselves.  We are women living happy, healthy lives without breasts.

We encourage advertisers, news and entertainment media to include women whose bodies don't align with what a female body is "supposed to look like"  in creative, editorial and marketing projects.

We encourage medical professionals to present going flat to women facing mastectomy as one of their valid healthy options, and to be up-to-date on flat closure techniques.

We encourage patients to review full-body images of Flatties and Unis, as well as breast mound reconstruction, since photographs of headless torsos reduce women to a body part.  The story is the whole woman; not the whole body part.

We provide an Instagram gallery @LessThanTwoBreasts of biographies and images of women

redefining beauty, femininity and body positivity.

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The Stats

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer. 

50% of women with a single mastectomy and 25% with double mastectomy will not replace their breasts.

That's a lot of ladies with less than two breasts!

2020 Launch Party

Stay tuned for details of our 2020 launch party in Los Angeles

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